With or Without Change

It was “Turbulent times“, as I would like to call it. The part of my life as a teen, where I failed to come to a compromise with all that life threw at me and that which I considered undesirable. Change was inevitable in most parts of it. Life changed from good, to bad, to worse. Everyone around me complained that I had changed. I had become a person far from the attributes, core principles and the choices I was known to make. To put it all in one sentence,” my life was a thunderstorm-destructive and dark…..” The reason behind all this was just a simple fact that I refused to choose the right attitude for myself….

Attitude is relative to Individuality

A long time ago, I read somewhere that it is a person’s attitude or approach towards a situation or circumstance that decided how the situation turned out to be-the end result, good or bad. To break it down, let me cite to you an example that I had experienced first hand which proved to me how important it was to have an attitude, especially the right one.
I was in seventh grade, when I had an argument with a friend, who told me that I was unfit to be the class monitor. For a trifle second I felt offended. After some contemplation, I realized that my friend was merely stating her opinion and that taking this as a revelation of my shortcomings rather than as an offence was appropriate.
What I am suggesting is a tad bit difficult, but, in the long run, it shows tremendous results! Well I am merely speaking of my experience, but what good comes of taking offence of small things and brooding over it?
I realized that had I truly wanted to be the class monitor, I would have risen above the insecurity of defining myself by what others think of me.
Taking this picture of having an attitude as a base, let me now feed you to the main point, motto of my life, which I live by through thick and thin-“WITH OR WITHOUT”. They’re just three simple words, but they sure do manage to drive through me all the difficulties and challenging situation making sure that I emerge as a winner.

‘With or Without…..I’ll be happy’

Most of the times,we feel that our happiness is dependent on whether we possess a particular object or it is also dependent on the presence of the person we desire or like…..but I beg to differ.
When there is attachment to something…we often end up in vain.That is because everything changes.
Suffering and happiness is relative to our attitude.Our attitude towards life decides whether we can be happy or not.When our attitude is such that happiness it is attached to an object or a person or a situation,we might end up in vain.
Nothing is permanent but change.Everything changes.You,me,these times,this moment,the world……….EVERYTHING!The only thing that will help us cope with this change and allow us not to lose ourselves in this confusion,chaos and madness is our  attitude.So why not live with an attitude that will forever keep you happy?”With or without” is a beautiful truth that one can live by.

Make a difference in your life

By developing an attitude which will sustain you, you are initiating a difference in your life.You conquer your fears and change from the person who is receiving a complex to a person who has overcome come it all forever.
So say it.Say it that,’Even with or without something or someone,I will be happy!’
By doing or saying so,it is not that you are settling for less or adjusting or that you are giving in.By doing so,you are simply showing to the world and to life that,”No matter what happens!Come what may,I am enriching every moment by emerging as a winner with an attitude that subsidizes all my opponents,including the challenges in my life!”
-Nimisha Reddy
Chief Co-ordinator
Kaizen Kids
Special Credits-Sindhu Ramanath