Goals move! Goals make impossible possible! Goals achieve and Goals direct. How about some Goal Setting’13 Success plan? Scroll on and Power Up!!

With almost half of the year coming to an end! …have we started trudging on the road map we created early this year. No? come on all is not lost. Start today!

STEP:1 – Rev up your fantasy

Put everything down on A3 sheet or may be even a chart paper on what you want in life and live each piece in a crazy child like form, cupping every goal, breathing in the essence and rejuvenating every living cell in the flavor of achievement. Let go of the limiting belief pattern…put the craziest dream, wishful thoughts or even an idea that dismisses science, it could be in any 5 dimension. Physical, Emotional, Financial, Intellectual and Spiritual….absolutely anything.

STEP:2 – List it down

Now pick the most important 3 – 5 goals (could be clubbed goals of all the  goals written on the list and write them down on a white sheet of paper)

STEP:3 – Color your success

Cut out colored chart papers and write each goal on a different cut out and stick it where it is observable. Come on do it and make it vibrating. Use pictures to express your goals… works even better.

STEP:4 – Make a vision board and visualize often

Your goals are yours. You have to give the energy it requires. Make a dream board/ vision board to make the dream into reality. Visualize as many times in a day as often. See yourself in the situation actually living the dream and feel the power of success on doing so. You are sitting in the Sedan you watched in one of the 007 movie. Cruising in it with the flamboyance and an attitude of conquer it all. A twitch in your smile and a ………..(the picture is all yours to complete J)

STEP:5 – Have a buddy Partner

Tell a confidant about what you want achieve this year… in details. Feel the entire description as you go along. Give him/ her the permission to ask your strategy and metrics as to how would you achieve these goals.

STEP:6 – Reach your goals through S.M.A.R.T.

Smarten each goal through

S – Specific: (exactly what do you want. Pen down the details, color each aspect and give a 3D dimension)

M – Measurable: Find out how you must flag the milestones. Have a clear cut picture of what you want to do and by when. Put it in writing.

A – Action: What are your strategies in each milestone created? Do you have a back up plan as alternatives. Write as many options as possible. Remember 1 option will get you stuck if it fails… 2 options will put you in a dilemma as you would be foxed as to which is the best move. 3 and more options will give you the freedom to choose. And the power lies here.

R – Resources : What are your resources? Think out of the box to search, create or network for resources.

T – Time bound: After putting the last milestone in the Measurable slot calculate the time to achieve you goals at each level in terms of Day/date/month/year/time.

STEP:7 – Goal Journal

On the first page of the journal write all the goals down. Every morning read the goals to ideate it in the subconscious. Write the strategies with timelines under each goal section.  And once all done, do the most important thing – execute

STEP:8 – Practice Mouna (Silence)

This has to be an every day practice. This is a discipline which every successful human being (past or present) follows in one form or the other. The routine is of one hour time slot –

10 mins – Introspect the previous day work action

10 mins – Plan the present day work action

10 mins – Visualize and feel the goals. The generated emotions sinks to the subconscious which becomes a GPRS for fostering results.

15 mins – read any inspirational of educative book and

5 mins – recap the ideas in bullet point and pen it.

10 mins – Communion with God.  Seek blessings rather than help. Pray sincerely and delete the want.

Be in a powerful condition while in communion.

STEP:9 – Keep the big picture in mind

Focus on the results whenever the discomfort is excess. Even the pain to achieve your goal should be done with the attitude of joy. Ask – “Ok here I feel a little uncomfortable…I don’t want to do it but how  can I find ways to enjoy the process and finish my task?”Always find a way to incentivize yourself when you have done the most cumbersome/ ugliest task to reach your goal.

STEP:10 – Live the goals with passion

Emotions are more palpable if underlined and breathed in with passion. Your love to the work you do will fill every fiber in you with inner peace and fulfillment of its process. It is almost being in the Zen state of mind.