Losing An Enemy

Often life pits us against a variety of situations and people.It puts us through situations which churn our lifestyles.By the end of it,you’ve got things to redefine,vantage points to be changed and a whole new set of choices to be made…..

So a midst all of life’s happy-sad conundrums….what does it mean to lose an enemy?

The Enemy

The enemy!Call him what you want…your teacher,classmate, neighbor,sibling…and in the worst case scenario…your parent!The enemy,my friend, is a creature which is the propagator of your hatred.Often,our enemy is the subject or source of our hatred….or rather we think so…

Enemies are often created out of our fears,lack of adapting abilities,and out of sheer misunderstandings.Creating an enemy is easy but losing one is even easier because it’s all a choice you make.

Losing your enemy

Forgiveness….Preaching it easy but practicing it is hard.To look beyond a person’s malignant self and not be attached to the pain and hurt caused by them requires a lot of unconditional love radiating from you.In the end,you’re left with a happy state of mind and some peace to accompany you.

Try it…you’ll have one less person to look at with regret in life..:)