The instrument in the coherence of left and the right brain leading to the access in the subconscious mind.

Theatres: Expression to manifest impression. This strengthens one’s brand image as a dynamic professional

Rhythms: The noise in the team gradually gives way to sync and collaboration. Music is an amazing catalyst for this transition.

Adventure: The zone of comfort when abandoned, there lies the new awakening of inner self. The solutions we sought are 99% found here. We organise activities like :

  1. Commando walk 
    2. Zipline
    3. Rapelling
    4. BurmaBridge
    5. Netclimbing
    6. Kayaking
    7. Zorbing
    8. Night Treasure hunt 
    9. JumaRing
    10. Trekking


Customised Out bounds leads to the specific outcome a manager is searching for. Our Training need Analysis (TNA) helps us to zero in activity with maximum learnings towards this.

Some activities:

  1. Mision mars
  2. Round the world in 20 mins
  3. The barbed wire
  4. Traffic Jam
  5. Lights Camera Action
  6. Actuator and over 100 + activities to choose from.


Revive the memories with new rules, old games concept. A nostalgic run to the past with a sense of inner freedom and nascent pride. The curiosity to try the old method and discover the new you.

  1. Kite making
  2. Seven stones
  3. Gully Cricket
  4. Dodge ball
  5. Tag


Following the ethos of a certain culture framework leads to in-depth analysis that paves way to understanding people, process and plan in a holistic method. 

  1. Egyptian theme
    2. WildWildwest
    3. MurderMystery
    4. LeadershipBootCamp 
    5. Ground Zero


Research shows that by 2020, stress will be the No.1 disease. To overcome getting ‘stressed’…. Out bound Trainings gives an environment of “fun”& “learn”

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