Company Offsite – Ooty, 2012

Sleepy and eyes half shut, all of us woke up really early in the morning, some expecting to get bored others all revved up for the day’s session. What none of us knew was that trainers from Tour de Force had been carefully planning to get everyone out of their comfort zones by putting their ‘crafty’ minds to work as soon as our team dragged their lazy feet into the ball room.

As the day progressed, our small team of participants grew bigger and bigger till the activities got really competitive, however still maintaining the ‘fun’ element. Personally, things got more exciting when we shifted our venue to the great outdoors. The cool drizzle and chilly breeze, only added to the excitement that by now had taken a hold of all of us.

I think all of us would agree that the last Bumper round was the most challenging. It saw both teams battling it out with fierceness and a strong will to win.

The experience was an exhilarating one, thanks to your brilliant team who supported us all the way. Participating in simple games using simple props, the lessons we learned were priceless. Each activity bought out a different side of each individual. The spirit of ‘oneness’ taught us how to apply our minds to complicated situations, how to tackle a problem from every possible angle by using whatever  resources are available to us and how to give each other a chance to lead the team.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to your team for a fantastic day that we will never forget.