The staff are the Brand Ambassadors of the organization they represent. All board room planning can become redundant if the brand ambassadors are not equipped to execute it.

Decision translated into Action results in Profits + Success and Branding

  • Skills of people in the organization is the barometer of the company’s success.
  • People are the driving force for any change, correction and challenge in the organization. Their empowerment is directly related to the organization’s empowerment.
  • Attitude of brand ambassadors results in the Altitude of the company’s success. Learning and Development is the key to develop the service attitude.

The inner shift is necessary for aligning oneself to the purpose of the company and self-motivated goals. Here the attitude for altitude plays a major role to keep the 21st Century professional alive and competing with the task at hand.


Interpersonal Skills


Team Building

Eligibility: At all levels      Duration: 1 day

Working in a team is mandatory. And understanding the team rhythm and dynamics is a necessity. We help the participants to understand this in details


Eligibility: Senior Management      Duration: 1 day

Being able to lead a team and to know one’s leadership skills is a necessity as we progress at corporate level. The right attitude and knowledge will be imparted to help the 21st Century Professional to reach his goals.

Corporate to Campus

Eligibility: Freshers      Duration: 1 day

The right skill, attitude, knowledge will be imparted to the trainee to graduate from a college mindset to a more savvy corporate mindset.

Stress Management

Eligibility: All levels      Duration: 1 day

Stress is an energy drainer and a sign of being burnt out. The trainees will go through the understanding, dealing, healing and finally releasing the stress. This will help them to take control of their teams and be an eventful leader.

Time Management

Eligibility: All levels      Duration: 1 day

Time is precious and the roles have become multiple. To understand how to maximise on the time and other resources to get the work done becomes mandatory for the ever busy 21st century professional

Intercultural Awareness

Eligibility: All levels      Duration: 1 day

Teams, vendors and stake holder are present globally across. To understand their cultural influence on work and how they decide, negotiate, communicate is important. Hence cultural hurdles are less and we are sensitive to the other person’s thoughts and ideas and enabler in bringing results in work.

To UP one’s Service


Presentation Skills with Video Feedback

Eligibility: All Levels      Duration: 2 days

Visibility is credibility which brings profitability. To be able to present well so as to convince, win over or sell the concept/ product is a mandatory skills of today’s 21st professional

Advanced Presentation Skills

Eligibility: Client facing partners      Duration: 1 day

This includes multiple learnings like making a power point presentation and knowing the forms of presentation in details. The edge in the advanced training helps the 21st century professional deliver best to his clients and thus help in optimum branding.

Customer Service

Eligibility: Client facing & Internal vendors      Duration: 1 day

Customer service is important as every individual who is interacting with the client is a brand ambassador of his company. This skill will help him to retain and win over clients

Basic/ Intermediate/ Advance English Skills

Eligibility: All      Duration: 30 hrs/ level

English helps the person to communicate globally. The grammar mistake in the email is not taken in a good light by vendors/clients. English knowledge will help the 21st century professional to communicate across with the right attitude.

Corporate Etiquette

Eligibility: All      Duration: 1 day

This skill will help the 21st century professional to be in professional posture at all times. This will include Email, Meetings, Telephone and Cubical Etiquette

For the Decision makers


Decision Making

Eligibility: Seniors      Duration: 1 day

Decision making is an art and this knowledge is imparted to help the 21st century professional to be an independent person in the team and reach the team goals with great efficacy.

Analytical Thinking

Eligibility: Seniors      Duration: 1 day

This will help the 21st Century to practically analyse a problem area, make solutions and finally come up with the right POA towards it.


Eligibility: Seniors      Duration: 1 day

This skills will help the 21st century to use less resources and produce more.

Mind Map

Eligibility: Seniors      Duration: 1 day

This is lateral thinking, which helps the 21st professional to table all the related points a topic can unfold and then join the dots to create subsequent strategies and action.

Sourcing Skills

Eligibility: Seniors      Duration: 1 day

To understand where are the resources and be able to come with the right ones at the right time helps the company to save on wastage. This skills will stretch the 21st century professional creatively to come with out of the box ideas.

For Achieving Excellence


Client Care & Service

Eligibility: Client Facing      Duration: 1 to 2 days

Happy clients mean Happy business. Their consistent existence is the foundation of success and growth of organization and its brand. To understand the needs of the client becomes a must have skills for any 21st century professional.

Motivational Thinking

Eligibility: All levels      Duration: 1 day

To urge the participants to come out of their comfort zone and become proactive agents of change in the designation they hold.

StakeHolder Management

Eligibility: All Levels      Duration: 1day

Skills to manage the stake holder and it will help the 21st century professional to be in control of the resources they have.