Open House Seminars

What we perceive we conceive…wrong perception leads to pain areas.

To have the right perspective coupled with momentum and strategies is important for resilience towards change. Strategic intervention is a must here.

The session will initiate with minimum ten dynamos…
It will be held on 2nd Saturday from 10.00am – 2.00 pm… for a nominal fees …..
A steal price for getting maximum learning in a min time period

Pick from the learning trove



Assertive communication

Learning strategies to traverse less in the past and make proactive action plan for now and future. Learn to make a w/w strategies in all situation in this workshop.

Attitude Building

The difference between a bad day and a good day is attitude. Learning techniques to be in uptime mood sans averse situation is the main stay of the module.

Decision Making

There is never a right decision but skills to make decision right as we journey on. Learning how to evaluate a situation and execute the appropriate action is high lighted in this module.

Time Management

To manage time first we need to manage self. Learning strategies to plan, prioritize and schedule becomes a must know skill in this fast paced world. This module will cover it all.


Team Dynamics

Knowledge to understand and empathize with a team member consistently is an art and science. Concept based learning with result oriented outcome is the main take away of this module.

Strategic Leadership

Leaders are born to lead…but that needs skills and understanding of People, process and plan of action…. To live is good to live large is the best of all. This module will have strong techniques to traverse this path.


Thinking out of the box is the edge every proactive person wants. To make a challenge  interesting and solutions innovative is major churn out of this workshop.

Sales Training

Planning, proactive and persona is the charm of this module. Logic with path breaking techniques will help the participants to make their profession profitable to themselves and the company.