Kaizen Kids


Tour De Force presents Kaizen Kids: 

Intensive Leadership Camp (in Bangalore)

Over Two Weekends


The following Topics will be covered:                                                                              kk2

  • Mind maps: Young hearts learn to plan, organize and make decisions and execute their work in hand through Mind maps. This technique is highly interesting and helps them to tap into their subconscious mind.
  • Strengthening Emotional Intelligence: Young hearts love to win. But what when they lose? Inputs will help them to have a winner’s attitude even while taking the brunt.
  • Learning skills: Young hearts will learn to absorb more information in less time. Accelerated learning will help them to be better students.
  • Decision making: With so many choices that a child has today, the young hearts find it difficult to decide on the right choice. Their analytical ability will be sharpened with the right questioning skill.
  • Enhancing Memory Power: Young hearts have a laser sharp mind- to make it more energetic and focused; Remembering is the key!
  • Super Brain Yoga: Young hearts learn to tune in their extra zing energy and divert it in the right place through the practice of this technique.
  • Human Principles: Young hearts learn to excel and maintain behavioral aspects in Human relations which is vital for their sustained growth.


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