Tour De Force offers an array of services. Right from Out bound to Inclass to Coaching to Open House Seminars and for children under the banner Kaizen Kids.

The services aim for one major thing and that is to maximize the potential of the 21st century professional. Learning is done in three ways…Visual/ Auditory/ Kinesthetic…..the trainings are also conducted in the same manner….. the degree vary though.

  • Corporate Training consists of both In-Class and Out bound Training.
    • Inclass – all the 3 learning styles take their space. The training method here is experiential. The participants gets involved and then the facilitator debriefs on the observed data.
    • Out bound – Kinesthetic way of learning is highly involved. Generally the leadership skills, team building activities and Interpersonal sensitivity is honed.
  • Open house is an opportunity for those individuals who would like to have world class training at a nominal fees. The concepts, teaching methods and takeaways will be at par with the standards of an MNC
  • Coaching is a very niche method of translating dreams into goals. It is a one to one coaching and involves strategic intervention to optimize the skill set in less time.
  • Kaizen Kids is for the kids, by the kids and of the kids. Here we train them into essential life skills that will motivate them to be great human beings. To be a producer instead of a consumer.