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Shilpi Khandelwa

Shilpi Khandelwal

Shilpi Khandelwal has an overall experience of 12 yrs. Of these, she has been a facilitator and trainer with a diversified background. Currently she runs experientialtrainings for niche IT companies to cater the behavioural & soft skills demand of the 21st century professional. Her primary responsibilities includes need analysis, content development, training trainers for multiple sessions, holding effective and result oriented trainings, assessing Written Communication and writing reports.

She has been recognized for creating stimulating and interactive learning environments, encouraging participation and individual contributions, and providing effective, clear and concise information in formats that promote high retention levels. She is uniquely able to blend techniques from various therapeutic and spiritual disciplines to promote learning. She believes in 3 mantras – Back to Basics, Change is Pivotal for success & Towards Inner growth for the attitudinal shift. She has completed NLP masters & Intensive coaching through Franklin Covey to leverage the transitional change in the 21st century professional.

Representative Client Engagements:

  • Managed staff training programs to ensure workforce skills aligned to corporate goals. Conducted corporate training needs assessments.
  • Planned and delivered employee development programs.
  • Key Out bound program for various
  • Conducted one on one counseling sessions.
  • Generated classroom excitement by introducing hands-on lessons and programming.
  • Conducted Berlitz (Germany) programs in SAP LABS after being trained by them through the Interwise session.
  • Developed Content with global awareness and the needs of the 21st century professional as the parameter.
  • Planned, strategized, managed the work issues in bio chemical company.